Safety and Reliability

MOREVIA is the system with a high security level. Double communication lines, industrial protocols for data transmission, the best equipment, double power supplies – all this provides stable and secure system work 24/7/365.


MOREVIA system is based on the DMVK Tech technologies. The equipment and software configuration is chosen individually for every vessel. Only high quality equipment is applied for the system operation: Siemens and Mitsubishi controllers, distributed peripheral modules Wago, Phoenix Contact, Crevis. All equipment is licensed by Lloyd, DNV, BV. Profinet, Profibus, Modbus RTU/TCP are used as communication protocols. Moreover, in order to replace existing systems, we offer new generation communication: SHDSL modem, which sets up Ehternet TCP/IP network based on available sturdy shield cables.

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Basic elements.

  1. Alarm and Monitoring System.
  2. Power management.
  3. Control of the main engine, steering-apparatus and propulsion.
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Fleet management system.

One of the activity priorities of the system MOREVIA is the general control system that can be applied not only for one vessel, but for the whole fleet of the customer. The Fleet Management System (FMS) provides all vessels online monitoring from the office.

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